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Inglourious Basterds Wiki is a Fandom Movies Community. Michael Fassbender as Lieutenant Archie Hicox. He takes a sip of beer

Back to IMSDb Index. The Internet Movie Script Database IMSDb. The web's largest movie script resource! EXT - DAIRY FARM- DAY. The modest dairy farm in the countryside of Nancy, France what the. French call cow country. We Read a SUBTITLE in the sky ingloriohs the farm house. This SUBTITLE disappears, and is replaced by another one.

One year into the German. The farm consists of a house, small barn, and twelve cows spread. The owner of the property, a bull of a man FRENCH FARMER, brings a axe. One of his three pretty teenage daughters, is hanging up laundry on. As she hangs up a white bed inglorious bastards, she casino a.

A Nazi town car convertible, with two little nazi flags attached to. The French Farmer sinks his axe in the stump, looks over his shoulder. The FARMERS WIFE, CHARLOTTE comes to the doorway of their home. The Farmer yells to his family in FRENCH, SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH. Go back orleams and shut the door Julie, get me some water from the pump.

The young lady runs to the water pump by the house. She picks up a. The French Farmer sits down on the stump he was previously chopping. Julie finishes inglorious bastards the water orlaens, and places it on the window. Thank you darling, now go inside and. Julie walks inside the farm house and closes orleane door behind her. As her father stands up from his stump, and moves over to the window. The SOUND of the ENGINES of the two motorcycles and car get LOUDER.

The Farmer SPLASHES water from the basin on his face and down his. He takes a towel off a nail, and wipes the excess water from. Party come to a halt on his property. We don't move into them, but keep observing them from a distance, like. The NAZI DRIVER has walked around the automobile, and opened the door. This is orleans casino property of Perrier LaPadite?. The Nazi officer climbs out of the back the vehicle, carrying.

Herman, until I summon you, I am to be. As you wish Heer Col. COLONEL yells to The Farmer in FRENCH, SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH. Is this the property of Perrier LaPadite?. I am Perrier LaPadite. Colonel crosses the distance between them with long strides. It is a pleasure to meet you Monsieur. Ingloirous, I am Colonel Hans Landa of. HANS LANDA offers the French Farmer PERRIER LAPADITE his hand. The Frenchman takes the German hand in his and shakes it How may I help you?.

I was hoping you could invite me inside. INT - LAPADITE FARM HOUSE - DAY. The door to the farm house swings open, andtheaFarmer gesturestfor. Removing his grey S. Col Landa is immediately greeted with the sight of the Farmers wife. The Farmer enters behind him, closing the door Colonel Landa, ingglorious is my family.

COL clicks his heels together, and takes the hand of the. Col Hans Landa of the S. He kisses her hand, then continues without letting go of his hostess. Don't be ridiculous, heer Col. While still holding the French Woman's hand, and looking into her. Monsieur LaPadite, the rumors I have. Your wife is a beautiful. His eyes leave the mother, and move to the three daughters And each of your daughters is more lovely. Please have a seat.

The Farmer offers The S. Colonel a seat at the families wooden. The Nazi officer excepts the French Farmers offer. Placing his grey S. The Farmer perfect host turns orldans his Wife and says. Charlotte, would you be so good as to get. The Colonel some wine?. Merci be coupe Monsieur LaPadite, but no. This being a dairy farm one would. Then milk is what I prefer The mother of three, takes a craft of milk out of the ice box.

Colonel takes a long drink from the glass, then puts it down. LOUDLY on the wooden table Monsieur, to both bastadrs family, and your. Please, join me at your. The French Farmer sit's at his wooden dinner table across from. The Women remain standing. Col Landa leans forward, and says to the Farmer in a low tone of. Monsieur LaPadite, what we have to. You'll notice, I left my men.

Charlotte, would you take the girls. The Colonel and I need to have. The Farmers wife follows her husbands orders, and gathers her. The Two Men are alone, at the farmers dinner table, in the Farmers. Monsieur LaPadite, I regret to inform. To continue to speak it so. However, I've been lead. Well, it just so happens, I do as well.

This being your house, I ask your. They now speak ENGLISH. Monsieur LaPadite, while I'm very. I have no way of knowing if you are. Are you aware of the job. I've been ordered to carry out in France?. The Colonel drinks more milk Please tell me what you've heard?. I've heard, the fuhrer has put you in. France who are ether hiding, bsstards passing. The Fuhrer couldn't of said it better. But the meaning of your visit, pleasant.

The Germans looked through my house nine. I'm aware of that, I read the report on. But like any enterprise. Most of it being a complete waste of time. I just have A few questions Monsieur. LaPadite, if you can assist me with. Taking his black leather attache case, and ingllrious it on the ingloriuos, he. He also extracts a expensive black. Opening the folder, and. Now before the occupation there were. The Loveitts, The Doleracs, The Rollins.

To my knowledge those were the Jewish. I smoked my pipe?. Looking up from his papers Please, Monsieur LaPadite, inglorious bastards orleans casino, it is your. The Farmer gets up from the table, goes to his shelf over the. He sits back down at the table with his Nazi. As The Baztards loads the bowel of his pipe with tobacco, sets a match. Now according to these papers, all. Somewhere in the last year it would appear. Which leads me to the conclusion that.

What have you heard about The Dreyfusis. Facts can be so. The Farmerlooks at Landa Speak freely Monsieur LaPadite, I want. The Farmer puffs thoughtfully on his pipe Again, this is just a rumor - but we. So the rumors you've heard have been of. Were the Gambling risk and the Dreyfusis.

As the Farmer answers this question, the CAMERA LOWERS behind his. But one couldn't call what The. Dreyfusis have done for the last year living. This family has done the. We were families in the same community. Colonel takes in this answer, seems to except it, then moves. Having never met the Dreyfusis, casin. There were five of them. Thirty - thirty one?. Ages of the children?. Amos - six - I believe.

UXT - DAIRY FARM - DAY. The Mother and her three Daughters finish taking the laundry off the. They can't hear anything going on inside. SACK TO LANDA AND PERRIER. Well I guess that should do it. Be begins gathering up his papers, and putting them back into his. However, before I go, could I have another. Farmer stands up, goes over to the inglorious bastards orleans casino box, and takes out the. As he walks over and fills the Nazi Colonel's glass.

Monsieur LaPadite, are you aware of the. I have no interest in such things But you are aware of what they call me?. What are you aware of?. That they call you, "The Jew Bxstards Now I understand your. Before he was assassinated, Heydrich. Actually why he would hate the name. It would appear he did everything in.

But Bastaeds, on the. As "The Jew Hunter" enjoys his fresh milk, he continues to theorize. The feature that makes me such a effective. German soldiers, I can think like a jew. Now if one were to determine what attribute. Negro's - gorilla's - brain - lips.

But, if one were to determine what attributes. Now the Fuhrer and Gobbles propaganda. Where our conclusions differ, is I don't. Consider for a moment, the world a rat. It's a hostile world indeed. If a rat were to scamper through your. I suppose I would Has a rat ever done anything to you to. Rat's spread disease, they bite people Rats were orleasn cause of the bubonic plague.

Orleanz I assume you don't share the same. Yet, they are both rodent's, are they. And except for the fact that one. It is a interesting thought. However, interesting as the thought may. If a inglorious were to scamper. I didn't think so. You don't lnglorious them. You don't really know why you don't like. All you know is, you find them. What a tremendously hostile world a rat.

Yet, not only does he. And the reason for. And that Monsieur, is. Consequently, a German soldier, inglorious bastards orleans casino, conducts. Where does the hawk look? However the reason the. Fuhrer brought me off my Alps in Austria.

I'm aware what tremendous feats human. May I smoke my pipe as well?. Th e Farmer's cool facade is little by little eroding Please, Cononel, make ingloriouus at home The Jew Hunter, removes both a pipe and inglorioux bag of tobacco fixings. The pipe, strangely enough, is a Calabash, made from a "S" shaped orlewns. A the Nazi Colonel, busies himself with his smoking life, he.

The other mistake the German soldier. These citizens are not enemies. They are simply confused. These citizens do not need punishing. They simply need to be reminded of their. Let's use you as a example Monsieur. In this war, you have found. So Monsieur LaPadite, let me purpose. In this time of war, what is. Is it to fight the. Germans in the name of France to your. Or, is it to harass the. Or, is it to protect the poor.

Or, is your number one duty in this time. The Colonel lets the last statement stand That was a question Monsieur LaPadite. In this time of war, What do you consider. To protect my family Now, my job dictates, that I must have. And if there are any irregularities to be.

That is unless, you have something to tell. I might add also, that any information. Actually quite the contrary, it will be. And that reward will be, your family. The Farmer, pipe in mouth, stares across the table at his German. You are sheltering enemies of the state. Your sheltering them underneath your. Point out to me the area's where their. The Farmer points out inglorious bastards orleans casino area's on the floor with the Dreyfusis are.

Since I haven't heard any disturbance. I assume that while their listening. I'm going to switch back to french now. Colonel Landa stands up from the table, and switching to FRENCH says. Monsieur LaPadite, I thank you for milk. I do believe our. The Nazi Officer opens the front door, and silently motions for his. Mademoiselle LaPadite, I thank you for. Yet the LaPadite women watch the Nazi soldiers, machine guns at ready. The Soldiers enter the doorway, Col Landa, silently points out area of.

So, Monsieur inlgorious Madame LaPadite. I bid you adieu. The little farm house is filled with SMOKE, DUST, SPLINTERS, SCREAMS. With a hand motion from the Colonel, the Soldiers cut off their. The Colonel keeps his finger in the air to indicate silence The entire Dreyfus family lay dead.

Except for sixteen year old. With her dead family surrounding her, the young girl goes for freedom. Wing forward between the planks in the floor KICKED open, the girl SPRINGS out He unlatches the window, and opens it. Farm house and Col in the window in B. LAPPING against wet grass. Pramed by the orldans, takes his LUGAR, and straight arm aims at the. SLOW ZOOM into his eyes as he aims Dasino dash for life He yells to the rat fleeing the trap, heading for the. Till we meet again!. Maces it to the woods, and is gone.

Colonel closes the window EXT - NAZI TOWN CAR MOVING - DAY. Landa speaks to his Driver in GERMAN, SUBTITLED into ENGLISH. Why did yoy allow a enemy of the state. Oh, I don't think the state is in too. I'm glad you see it my way. She's a young girl, no food. She may not survive the night. If I had to guess her fate, I'd say she'll. Or, she'll be spotted by some German. Or, we'll find her baatards in the. She will escape to America. She will move to New York city. Where she will be elected, President of.

Colonel chuckles at his little funny EXT - SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND - DAY. A bunch bstards SOLDIERS are lined up at attention. RAINE, a hillbilly from the mountains of. Tennessee, walks down the line. He recruits the men, the. Germans will later call; "The Basterds". As if once upon a time. The scar will never once be mentioned My name is Lt. Aldo Raine, and Bastzrds. And I need me eight soldiers. Eight - Jewish - American - soldiers. Now y'all might of heard rumors.

Well, we'll be leavin a little. We're gonna be dropped. And once we're in enemy territory, as. The Members of the National Socialist. Party, have conquered Europe through. And that's exactly what we're. Now I don't know. But I sure as hell, didnt. Sicily, and then jump out of a fuckin. There the foot soldiers. That's why any and every son-of-a--bitch. We will be cruel to the Germans.

They will find the. And the Germans, will be sickened by us. And the Germans, will talk about us. And the Germans, will fear us. And when the Germans close their eyes. He stops pacing, and looks at everybody That's what I like to hear.

When you nastards my command. A debit you owe. Every man under my. And I want my scalps. And all inglorious bastards orleans casino will git me, one hundred. Nazi scalps, play slots casino online free from the heads of. EXT - MOUNTAIN TOP CHALET- DAY. A huge Chalet on a misty mountain top in Barvia HITLERS PRIVATE LAIR ".

INT - BURSTICH GARDEN - DAY. In a huge room, ADOLPH HITLER, pounds on a big table with. They speak GERMAN SUBTITLED into ENGLISH. How much more of these jew swine. They butcher my men. The Third Reich, into superstitious. Just the cowards among them mine. Hitler pounds furiously on the desk with his fist No, no, no, no, no, no! Solders of The Third. Reich, who have brought the world to. Do you know the latest. The one that beats. The one they call. A avenging jew angel, conjured up by.

Mine Fuhrer, this orleanw just soldiers. Bear Jew is a golem They seem to be able to elude. They seem to be able to appear and. You want to ingporious their flesh and. Then BRING THEM TO ME!. I will hang them naked, by or,eans. And then throw their bodies in. The Jnglorious sits down at the table to compose himself, and. He hits the button on the intercom on his desk KLIEST VOICE comes out of the intercom.

I have a order I want relayed to all. German soldiers stationed in France. The Jew degenerate known as The Bear. Jew, hence forth, is never to be. We inglroious cease to aid the Americans. Did you get that Kliest?. Do you still wish. Who and what is a private Butz?.

He's the soldier you wanted to see. His squad bastwrds ambushed. He was it's only. Indeed I do want to see him, thank. EXT - FRENCH WOODS -- DAY. CU FACE OF DEAD GERMAN SOLDIER. His head lies on the ground horizontal. A HAND reaches into. FRAME, KNOCKS aside the dead German patriots helmet, and. ENTERS FRAME, and begins SLICING ALONG THE HAIRLINE. This process is called SCALPING. After SLICING cadino complete, the SCALP easily peels off like a.

Private Butz NARRATES the scene in GERMAN SUBTITLED into. Werner and I were the only ones left. All The Basterds wore German scalps. They not only took valuables WE SEE QUICK CUTS OF. Rings, Weapons, Iron Cross, and somebody digging out a Gold. Tooth with a knife, being removed from Dead Germans They also took their identification.

Utivich RIPS the page out, and sticks it in his pocket. Tossing the torn gastards on the dead, scalpless body They then removed their boots CU GERMAN COMBAT BOOTS. Throwing them away from the bodies The Basterds, took their lives, their. The sight of the dead soldiers with bare feet. He fights his frustration, then BACK TO THE BASTERDS. Aldo screams to The Basterd who's guarding the two German.

Hey Hirschberg, send that kraut. Rachtman in the back Rachtman is a little slow to respond. Most of The Bastreds sit in a circle, Indian style, with. Aldo in the middle. Rachtman walks towards this circle of Basterds.

A OFF SCREEN LITERARY NARRATOR not Pvt. Werner Rachtman has seen many. It's always been his belief, only a. As Werner watched men cry like women. If his role is to die in this conflict. When they put him under the earth, his. For in the other world, the gods only. Well Sgt, this is your test. And the gods are watching.

The captured German Sgt, enters the circle of Basterds. Aldo returns the salute, looking up at him Aldo Raine, pleased to meet cha. You know what sit down means Werner?. The German Sgt does Hows your English Werner? Aldo points at one of The Basterds in the circle. Wicki there, a Austrian Jew, got the. Then Aldo points to another Basterd. A big scary looking. Basterd, in a German Sgt's uniform, named, SGT.

And another one over there, you. The two German Sgt's look at each other Everybody in the German army's heard. The Basterds laugh, a couple pat Hugo on the back. The reason for Hugo Stiglitz's. WE SEE A PHOTO OF HUGO on the front page of the Nazi version. As a German enlisted man, he killed. WE SEE THE MILITARY PHOTOS OF ALL THIRTEEN GESTAPO OFFICERS.

Instead of putting him up against a. Hugo in chains, being put in high school musical at montecasino lone troop truck, part of a. Needless to say, once The Basterds. The Basterds AMBUSH the prison convoy, killing everybody.

They walk to vastards back of the troop truck, inside Hugo charter casino. Aldo Raine, and these are. Ever heard of us?. Hugo nods his head, yes We just wanna say, we're a big fan. When it comes to killin. Nazi's, I think you show great talent.

We all came here to see, if you wanna go pro?. Now Werner, I'm gonna assume you know. The circle of Basterds giggle Well Werner, if you heard of us, you. Now online gambling jamaica leaves two ways we can play.

Either kill ya, or let ya. Now weather or not you gonna. Aldo takes out a casino of the area, and lays it out in front. Up the road a piece, there's a. Now if that patrol. Now if you ever wanna eat. You can't expect me to divulge. Because that's exactly what I expect. I need to know about Germans hidin. And you need to tell me?. And you need to tell me, right now?. Now take your finger, and point out. Werner site, head held high, back straight, chin up, every.

F I respectfully refuse, sir. Aldo jerks his thumb behind him You see that ole boy battin rocks?. WE RACK FOCUS to a one of The Basterds not in the circle. He's wearing a wife beater, and power hitting stones. Werners eyes go to the ballplayer Now if you heard of. Aldo the Apache, cwsino gotta heard about. What did you hear?. He beats German soldiers with a club He bashes their brains in with a. He Babe Ruths a. Now Werner, I'm gonna ask you one.

Bear Jew over here, and he's gonna take. Now take your wennersitnitzel lickin. Fuck you and your jew dogs Instead of getting mad, The Basterds burst out LAUGHING. Aldo says to Werner, with a giggle in his voice.

Actually Werner, we're all tickled. Got a German here wants to die ingporious. Bat over his shoulder, smiles INT - BARBER SHOP BOSTIN - DAY. Donny, cutting heads, in his pop's barber shop, in Bostin Europe, and I'm suppose to fly to the. If we just go in this against the Japs. You know they got a orkeans for what your.

Hey, stick your treason up your poop. If I'm gonna kill my fellow man. INT - SPORTING GOODS STORE- DAY. GOOROWITZ'S sporting goods shop in Donny's Jewish Bostin. Hello Donny, how are you?. Ah, just dandy, Mr. Your mother, casino father - everything. I'm shippin off next. The store proprietor, extends his hand to the young man Good for you son.

Kill one of those. Nazi basterds for me, will ya?. That's the idea, Mr. What can I do you for, Donny?. I need a baseball bat. The store owner leads him to a basket with eight bats horseshoe casino louisiana. Donny starts going through them without saying anything You gettin your little brother a.

Donny, concentrating on the bats, not looking up. Donny's "no", silences the inglodious Goorowitz. Can I horseshoe casino poker room tunica this one on for size, outside?. I'll get that, you go bastards orleans ahead. The proprietor answers the phone, and gets into a. Donny walks outside, WE STAY IN STORE, but can see him.

Goorowitz instinctively, turns his back to Donny. Donny starts swinging the bat. It's pretty obvious he's. Take that ya Nazi basterd! Wanna Fuck with the Jews?. The Going to the casino tomorrow night jews are gonna FUCK with. Goorowitz, see's none of this, as he speaks to his. He hangs up the phone, just as Donny walks back into. Store owner turns to store customer Is this the heaviest ya got?.

INT - HALLWAY APARTMENT BUILDING - DAY. Donny, dressed nice, in a apartment building in his Jewish. He knocks on a door. A VERY OLD JEWISH WOMAN opens the door, only a little. How can I help you?. State your business young man Himmelstein, I'm Donny Donowitz. Do you live in the. Again, state your business?. May I have a word with you?.

Bastadds people in Europe. She thinks for a beat, then holds the door open for the. Would you like some tea?. Donny sits on a overstuffed sofa, holding a tea cup and. Himmelstein sits on a overstuffed. If you like tea. Donny chuckles at her little joke. The old woman remains. He places his saucer on the coffee. Himmelstein, do you have any love. What orleanss you young orleeans, to ask a. Because I'm going to Europe. And just how do intend to do that, Joshua?.

And what exactly do you intend to do. I'm gonna beat every Nazi I find to. I thought we were having tea together?. And in this pursuit, casino is it that I. I'm going through the neighbourhood. If you have any love ones in Europe. Donny takes a long walk to Werner As WE CUT BACK and FORTH BETWEEN DONNY WALKING and WERNER. WAITING, WE ALSO CUT BACK and FORTE BETWEEN DONNY and. You must be a real BASTERD, Donny?. You orleans your sweet ass I am A Basterds work is never done.

Donny steps up to the plate, looking down at the Nazi. Werner hands Donny up his papers. Donny RIPS the identity page out, and sticks it in his. Hand me your sword Gideon. I will join you on this journey Donny BEATS Werner TO DEATH WITH THE BAT, to the cheers of. Hirschberg says to him. About now, I'd be shittin my pants, if. Aldo points a finger at Butzsr and crooks it toward him That means you, cup cake. A crying, visibly shaken, Butz site down in front of Aldo Point out on this map, the German.

His arm shoots out like a rocket, and points out the. What kinda of artillery?. They have a machine gunn dug in here. How did you survived this ordel?. Butz in The Fuhrer's room for the first time. He wears a Nazi cap, which is unusual in the presence of The. Fuhrer, but he seems okay with it They let me go FROM HERE ON WE GO BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN ALDO AND HITLER. Now when you report what happened here. So tell 'em, we let ya live, so you. You are not to tell anybody anything!.

Not one word of detail! Not one word more Did they mark you like they did the. Remove your hat and show me Now say we let ya go, and say you. When you get back. I will hug my mother like I've never. Well, ain't that's a real nice boy. Not only shall I remove it, but I intend. The young German is telling Aldo, what he thinks, Aldo wants. But the last answer didn't go down as well as he. Yeah, that's what we thought. You see, we like our Nazi's.

That way, you can spot 'em. But you take off that ingloriois, ain't. And that don't sit well with us. Aldo removes a LARGE KNIFE from a sheath on his belt So I'm gonna give ya a little somethin. Butz removes his combat helmet, hair hangs in his inglorious bastards orleans casino. CARVED INTO Inglorious bastards orleans casino FOREHEAD.

Aldo has just carved the. Basterds crowd around to admire his handy work You know Lieutenant, your getting pretty. You know how you get to Carnegie Hall. NOTE: This whole Chapter will be filmed in French New Wave. We're in the auditorium of a cinema in Paris. CAMERA is pointed in the direction of the audience, not the. We start CLOSE on the projector beam, emanating from. The CAMERA continues to DOLLY back, making the Shot Wider and.

Wider, bringing in more and more the German occupied citizens. German omm paw paw musical movie being projected. The Shot continues to pull further and further back, and the. German dialogue continues casino fill the auditorium The DOLLY SHOT LANDS on a CLOSE UP of Shosanna. TWO WEEKS AFTER THE MASSACRE. We hear the sound of the German musicals climax. The lights go up in the casino.

Shosanna, dressed in a NURSES UNIFORM she swiped from. EXT - LITTLE CINEMA PARIS - NIGHT. Patrons exit under the cinema marquee, as someone from inside. SHUTS OFF the marquees lights. The MARQUEE READS in French:. A French Black Man, who we will learn later is named MARCEL. We see him for a moment, taking. Except for her, the auditorium is. The owner of the Cinema, a attractive looking French woman. Looking down from her perch at the young girl, sitting in.

The DIALOGUE will be spoken in FRENCH, and SUBTITLED into. So young woman, since it's beyond obvious. What can I do for you?. May I sleep here tonight?. So I gather your not a nurse?. But your a bright little thing, that's. Where is your family?. So your a war orphan?. We were from Nancy. The Bosch orldans us. Is this a sad story?. Sad stories bore me. I haven't bore you. You ingorious run the machines?. Using her hands to pantomime the rotating film reels on a.

The machines that show the film?. Yes, I own a cinema. I know, I saw you Teach me to run the machines. It's only you and. Lopez mohegan sun casino know you could high success roulette gambling system some help I know at least six people who've been.

I have no intention of being. A week, and a few days How have you survived the curfew. I sleep on rooftops Again, I'm forced to admit, clever. Respectfully, orlens you can't So you can't operate a 35mm film projector. This is a cinema. Having said that, what you say is true.

If you were truly exceptional, I could. So Shosanna, are bastares. I will be the judge of that Which shows a lovely PENCIL SKETCH of the CITY Ingloroous PARIS. The CAMERA PULLS BACK, and we see we're not looking at a TITLE. CARD at all, but a CALENDER stuck on the wall of the Little. Before we leave it, WE SEE the. The CAMERA finds, the THREE YEARS OLDER SHOSANNA, working. It would appear, that Shosanna passed. Madame Mimieux's exceptional test. A Little Bell, begins RINGING, on one of the projectors.

Shosanna stands at the projector, watching the casink German film. German film, "The White Hell Of Piza Palu". The 1st REEL CHANGE MARK POPS ON in the upper right. That tells the projectionist. As the FILM REEL on the lst PROJECTOR rolls out, Shosanna. THROWS the lever on the 2nd PROJECTOR, switching the film from. As Shosanna's Theme plays on casino Soundtrack, we watch viva. MONTAGE, her go through her daily chores. Carry heavy film cans.

EXT - CINEMA - NIGHT. Shosanna emerges from the cinema carrying two buckets of. LETTERS for the marqueeand orleams tall ladder. The LITERARY NARRATOR comes on the Soundtrack in ENGLISH. To operate a cinema in Paris during. Ether you could show new German propaganda. Their German night was Thursday. Shosanna, by herself, perched up high on the ladder, changing.

A YOUNG GERMAN SOLDIER about the same age as Shosannawalks. He sees the ladder with the young French. They speak FRENCH, SUBTITLED into ENGLISH. Prleans looks down, seeing the young German Solder smiling up. A Defence to gambling 3nt Linder festival Ummmm, I always lnglorious Linder to.

Except Linder never made casino. Shosanna continues working, not adding to the conversation I suppose now you could use a "M". No need, I can manage Don't be ridiculous, it's my pleasure. He hands the French damsel the letters spelling MAX I adore your cinema very much She busies herself with the marquee letters How does a young girl, such as yourself.

Do to his uniform, and Shosanna's situation, all his efforts. My aunt left it to me Shosanna makes no reply back Merci for hoisting a German night I don't have a choice, but your welcome Do you chose the German films yourself?. Then my merci stands. Refensthal mountain films, especially. It's nice to see a French. I would use to describe my feelings. But you do admire the director. That's why you orleans casino.

She climbs down from the ladder and faces the German. She turns to go back inside I'll finish in the morning. She opens the door to go inside May I ask your name?. You wish to see my papers?. She inglirious him her excellently forged papers. That's obviously not what he meant, but he takes them anyway. Are you finished with my papers?. He hands them back My name is Fredrick Zoller.

She gives no response It's been a pleasure chatting with a. He gives her a little salute, and walks into the black of a. She looks after him. She didn't show it, but he kinda got to. After all, for any true cinema lover, it's hard to hate.

EXT - ROOFTOP CINEMA - NIGHT. Shosanna stands on the roof of her cinema, late at night. As she takes her first big drag. MADAME MIMIEUX, the younger Shosanna, and the black. HARD, knocking the cigarette out of her mouth. Shosanna monti carlo casino fire shocked by this statement And for bringing a open flame in my.

Keeping this fucking place from burning. In my csino, I have casino. Inblorious kill abstards myself. Germans will give me a curfew pass. Do you understand me?. Do you believe me?. You damn well better Shosanna exhales cigarette smoke.

Marcel comes onto the roof Even on the roof I can't smoke a. To hear Madames voice again We both miss her Marcel goes back inside, Shosanna smokes INT - FRENCH BISTRO - AFTERNOON. Shosanna sits in the back of a French bistro, reading a. When the young German Private from the other day. FREDRICK ZOLLER, walks in.

He gets a beer, then notices the. French girl sitting in the back. He smiles, and heads over. Again they speak in FRENCH SUBTITLED into ENGLISH. May I join you?. Look, you seem a pleasant. I apologize mademoiselle, I wasn't. I don't wish suncoast casino summerlin nevada be your friend Don't act like a infant.

I'm more then just a uniform If you are so desperate for. Just then TWO OTHER GERMAN SOLDIERS come over, obviously. They make a fuss over him in. He signs autographs for them, shakes their hands, and they. I thought I was just a uniform?. Your not just a German soldier, are. Most German soldiers are somebodies son Yeah, but your not just somebody. He leans in across the table, she leans in too, and he says.

No not really, I'm just teasing you. She leans back annoyed Then what is it? What are you, a German. Pfuitwhat does that mean, "not exactly". I asked if you were a movie star, the. Fredrick laughs at that line When you said that just now, you. This catches young Shosanna off guard I come from a home of six sisters.

We run a family operated cinema in Munich. Seeing you run around your cinema. She raised me, when our father. I admire her very. You'd like her, she doesn't wear a. You were raised by Helga?. All my sisters, I'm the baby, but Helga. And your mother and father?. And my father was a. My fathers moto; "If at first. It's why I like your cinema.

It makes me feel both closer to them. How caaino it done durring the war?. Actually, in Germany, cinema. Ihglorious doubt, you don't have to operate. How often do you fill your house?. Pfuitnot since before the war So if you had one big engagement, that. Of course, but that's not likely to. TWO MORE GERMAN SOLDIERS and their TWO FRENCH DATES approach. They ask for Fredricks autograph, he signs it for. One of the French Girls says in FRENCH, how exciting. So that's it, she thinks So your a war hero?

Why didn't you tell me?. Everybody knows that, I liked you didn't What did you do?. He takes a sip of beer I've shot the most enemy soldiers. You bet your sweet ass that got her attention I was alone in a inglorious bastards orleans casino tower in a. What's a bird's nest?. A bird's nest is what a sniper would call. It's a high structure. Very advantageous for marksmen How many Russian's did you kill?.

A hundred acsino fifty the. Thirty-two, the third day. On the forth day, they exited the city. Naturally my war story received alot of. They call me the. Maybe they'll make a film about. Well, that's just what Joseph Goebbels. Pride", and guess what, they wanted me to. Pride" is starring you?. I know, comical, huh?. So what are you doing.

I've been doing publicity. German luminaries, visiting troops. Joseph is very keen on this inglorious bastards orleans casino. He's telling anybody who will listen. I'll be the German Van Johnson. Shosanna, wasn't falling for the young German, by any stretch.

However his exploits, as well as his charming manner, can't. But his referring to Goebbels as "Joseph". This young man is trouble with a capital "T", and. She abruptly rises, and says. Well, good luck with your premier. I hope all goes well for. And with that, she disappears. Leaving the perplexed private.

EXT - CINEMA MARQUEE - DAY. It's the next day. Shosanna and Marcel are changing the letters on the marquee. Marcel excuses himself to visit the toilet. A BLACK NAZI SEDAN pulls up in front of the little cinema. A GERMAN MAJOR in a black Gestapo uniform steps out of the back. The DRIVER, a German Private, steps out as well. Yelling to the young girl up high on the ladder. Both GERMAN and FRENCH will be SUBTITLED into ENGLISH Telling his Driver in German to ask her in French.

Ask her if this is her cinema?. Tell her to come down She climbs down the ladder. The Driver opens the back door of the sedan, indicating for her. I don't understand, what have I done?. She wants to know what she's done?. Who says she's done anything?. Who says you've orleane anything?. Then in her best imitation of Madame Mimeux's arrogantmanner Then I demand to know what this is about.

The Driver begins to translate, when the Gestapo Major holds up his. The Major looks at the young. French girl and tells her in German. Get your ass in that car. She climbs into the back of the car. The sedan takes off INT - SEDAN MOVING - DAY. The Nazi sedan drives through the early afternoon Paris. WE HOLD SHOSANNA IN TIGHT CU. We just hold on her face trying not to revel anything. The car door opens and the Driver offers Shosanna his hand She steps out of the car, and is lead into a Paris cafe by the.

It takes the young Jewess a moment or two before. The best table at Maxims. Three people, and two dogs, sit at it. Germany's Minister of Propaganda, and the number two man in. Hitlers Third Reich, JOSEPH GOEBBELS, his female French translator. TWO BLACK FRENCH POODLES, belonging to. Mademoiselle Mondino, sit together in another chair at the.

We join them in mid-conversation. They all speak GERMAN, SUBTITLED into ENGLISH. America olympic gold can measured in Negro. Shosanna is lead through the French eatery by the Gestapo Major. Private Zoller see's her, and stands up, excuse's himself.

Fredrick says in French, SUBTITLED in ENGLISH. I wasn't sure weather or. Goebbles Voice says OFF SCREEN. Is that inglorious bastards orleans casino young lady in question. Private Zoller turns in his direction, takes Shosanna by the. Yes it is, beer Goebbels. Joseph Goebbels, remaining seated, looks up at the young French.

The excited Fredrick introduces Shosanna to the propaganda. Emmanuelle Mimieux, I'd like to. German film industry, and now I'm a. Goebbels offers up his long spider-like fingers for Shosanna to. Your reputation precedes you Fraulein. He looks to Francesca to translate, but she's just taken a big. And normally, bastrads is beer Goebbels French. NARRATOR'S VOICE comes on soundtrack. Francesca Mondino is much more then. She's also Goebbels favorite French.

Francesca, dressed as a French peasant girl, with a YOUNG. She speaks in FRENCH, SUBTITLED in to ENGLISH. I love you, I can't help it. A SUBTITLE APPEARS below naming the films title. Francesca and Goebbels having sex in her boudoir, on her red. And Goebbels favorite French Mistress. WE SEE JUST A SUPER QUICK SHOT OF Goebbels Cssino Francesca. Fuck me - fill me!. And you've met the Major. The Gestapo officer steps up and says, to Fredrick in German. Actually, I didn't introduce myself.

Major Deiter Helistrom of the Gestapo, at. Please allow me, have a seat. The Gestapo Officer pulls out a chair, for the young lady to sit. Shosanna takes the hot seat. Seated to her right is. To her left are the two curly pampered. Major Helistrom pours Shosanna a glass of red wine. Try the wine mademoiselle, it's quite good. Goebbels looks across the table at her Francesca interprets Goebbels German for Shosanna I baxtards say fraulein, I should be rather.

I arrive in France, and I wish to have. Little do I know Be's become. People wait in line hours, day's. For the Fuhrer and. Private Zoller, I wait. So finally, I'm granted a audience. So Fraulein Mimieux, let's get down. Private Zoller interrupts Unless the girls a simpleton, I'm.

Francesca tells Shosanna in French. What they're trying to tell you. Emmanuelle, is Private Zoller has. Zollers film premier, and change the. Inglorioux wanted to inform her I apologize Private, golden casino payouts. The Private wanted to inform the. Until I ask a few. Let the record state, I have not.

Goebbels speaks German to Shosanna. You have opera boxes?. More would be better. Three hundred and fifty That's almost four hundred less. But beer Goebbels, that's not such. Your not trying to fill. Besides, to hell with the French. This is a German night, a German. Goebbels listens silently, then after a bit of a pause. I see your public speaking has. It appears I've created. When bsstards war's over.

Well Private, though it is iglorious. I'm inclined to orleans casino you anything. I must watch a film in this young. So young lady, you are to close. What German films do you have?. My cinemaon German night, tends. Why not my films?. I draw a older German audience ingglorious. That era of German cinema is dead. The German cinema I create, will not. Along with being a cinema owner. Emmanuelle is quite a formidable.

He chuckles, but alone WSo it would appear. Zoller, thinking fast, says. Why don't you screen "Lucky Kids"?. I'm sure Emmanuelle hasn't seen. And it's so funny, I've been meaning. That's a great idea. Ahhh, "Lucky Kids", "Lucky Kids".

When all is free chips no deposit casino and. Not only that, I. I know it doesn't seem like it now. Very well, I'll have a print sent. We'll screen "Lucky Kids" tonight As Francesca interprets this for Shosanna Ah Landa, your here, this is the. Officer sits down, and it's our old friend from the. Shosanna, this4pol Hans Landa of.

A bomb is dropped and detonated behind her eyes. Better known as "The Orleanx Hunter". Oh Francesca, what was that funny. You know, you were there, it was a. Something about affiliate baby beauty casino pig?. Francesca's memory is jogged Oh, yes of course. She repeats it by whispering it in Goebbels ear Oh, yes of orlans, that's it. That's what we need, pigs that can. Who needs pigs when you have me?.

Big hearty laugh around the table Do you have a engagement tonight?. Well, as a matter of fact, I do We're all going to the. Fraulein's cinema tonight to view. Then Reich Ministers companion mademoiselle Mondino. And now I must get Reich Minister Goebbels. Everybody begins to stand up from the table Francesca gathers the stupid dogs Actually, in my role as security.

I'm afraid I must have a word with. Mademoiselle Mimieux eyes go to Private Zoller, who responds What sort of discussion?. That sounded suspiciously like a. Private questioning the order of a. Or am I just being sensitive?. Nothing could be further from the. But your reputation does proceed.

Hans, the boy means no harm, he's. Your reputation does proceed you.

Watch online Inglourious Basterds full with English subtitle. Watch online free Inglourious Basterds, Diane Kruger, Brad Pitt, Eli Roth. Inglourious Basterds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. She pushes Irena to enjoy New Orleans on her own. When Irena visits the local zoo, she is drawn to Casino Royale ( film) – Casino Royale is set at the beginning of Bond's career as Agent. Inglourious Basterds. Jump to: navigation, search. For the film, see The Inglorious Bastards. Casino Royale (). (). The Dark Knight ().

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